Crestview Landscaping


Properly installed mulch delivers many benefits including, soil insulation, moisture retention, prevents soil erosion, assists in weed prevention, and requires less need for water, fertilizer, and herbicides.

The ground coverings for your landscape beds are an important aspect of both health and beauty for your plants. The mulch bring your landscaping design to life and create an eye-catching curb appeal. We provide the majority of our mulch services during the spring while we are performing spring cleanups, but it can be done at any time.

Ground covers provide health benefits for your plants.

For most homeowners, mulch is the last step in a well-designed landscape. The vibrancy in color and materials provide a pleasing and contrasting look to the plants. However, the benefits of laying ground coverings in your landscaping go far beyond beautification. Mulch provide a plethora of health benefits to your landscaping:

- Mulch prevents soil from erosion.
- It provides insulation to the soil from extreme temperature changes.
- Mulch retains moisture in the soil, which promotes healthy growth of the plants, flowers, and trees in your landscaping.
- It assists in weed prevention by blocking direct sunlight and making it hard for weeds to reach the surface.
- There is less need for water, herbicides, and fertilizer in your landscaping beds.